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8 Florida Car Accident Facts That Will Shock You

Hutch Brock Auto Accident Attorney
Hurricane season is on its way, and it will soon be time to start batting down the hatches. If you’ve been a Florida resident for a long time, you’re used to the challenges of the season. However, if you’re new to the state or perhaps you’ve just left home, you might not feel quite so confident. One of the things that everyone needs to remember, no matter how long they have lived in Florida, is to have a homeowner’s insurance checkup. Read More

Road Construction is Progress

It can be complicated, but usually the result is worth it. With progress in road construction, which if you live in the Bay Area you are intimately familiar with, we seem to have to put up with the inconvenience for a long time, but it too can really be worth it. There are, however, standards…Read More

Texting While Driving – Action Required

The time is now for Florida’s Legislature to act. Let’s work together to stop texting and driving. The message is simple and we can make it clear: put the phone down and don’t text while you drive. You may think it only takes a second. Maybe you feel too busy to pull off to the…Read More

Auto Accidents in Wesley Chapel

When you need a personal injury attorney due to an auto accident in Wesley Chapel, FL – call Brock Law at (813) 333-7267 Tampa, FL – Driving in Florida is needed more than ever since high speed rail and other mass transportation systems are not readily available as they are in many other metropolitan cities.…Read More