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Dade City, the capital of Pasco County, is a thriving walkable downtown with a working historic courthouse, a government center, many historic buildings that have been renovated and now house businesses from lawyers’ offices to antique shops, and well known for its fine dining restaurants and hospitality. Growing from humble beginnings which lead to a railroad stop, a famous hotel and lodging where U.S. presidents have slept, Dade City considers itself the crown jewel of Pasco County. Whether you choose to do business here or visit, Dade City is a welcoming place. That is why Hutch Brock and Brock Law have served the Dade City community for 25 years. The Dade City Personal Injury Attorneys at Brock Law are to help you.

Justice Well Served, We Are Here When You Need Us

Hutch Brock, the former mayor of Dade City, and a sitting commissioner for an additional four years, grew up in Dade City and attended the public schools there. Having practiced law in the community and taken cases to trial for clients who suffered needlessly at the hands of others, his law firm, Brock Law, can provide you the legal help and understand what you are going through.

Medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering make life after an accident stressful. The Dade City Personal Injury Attorneys at Brock Law keep you updated and communicate directly with you, proving to our clients we care about them, fight hard to recover their damages and provide them their justice, and partner with them to ensure the personal injury case is successful.

Offering Quality Service, a Committed Staff, and a Caring Attitude

Brock Law has years of experience helping injured victims get the compensation they deserve, and we are prepared to take your call or your contact so we can help you. The skilled Personal Injury Lawyers of Brock Law from Dade City, who handle a variety of personal injury cases, are here to help you today.

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The Dade City Personal Injury Lawyers of Brock Law handle:

  • auto accidents
  • motorcycle accidents
  • bicycle accidents
  • defective products
  • insurance disputes
  • medical malpractice claims
  • nursing home claims

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, the Brock Law legal staff and the Dade City Personal Injury Lawyers will fight to get the resolution you deserve.

Dade City Personal Injury Lawyer

At Brock Law, we understand that being injured or losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence can be a devastating life event. Our team of experienced personal injury specialists will help defend your rights by taking legal action against those responsible. Contact Brock Law at (813) 333-7267 today and speak with an attorney.