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Insurance is often seen as one of the most costly aspects of owning a car. In fact, it’s one of the main things that prevents some people from owning a car in the first place. Couple that with the increasing number of choices you have for auto accident insurance and you’ll quickly get a headache trying to decipher all of the different options you have. It goes without saying that you need to do your research, but what options do you have in Florida?

Unfortunately, Florida has one of the highest auto accident insurance rates in America. According to, Florida ranks #5 with average costs of $1,840 per year, which is $554 higher than the national average. Thankfully, it’s not as high as Michigan’s premium rate of $2,394, a number that could make even the most experienced driver cringe.

The amount you pay for your auto accident insurance is going to vary depending on the car you own and also your experience, but there are some ways to minimize your costs, and the best method is to simply get multiple quotes.

Different Coverages Within Your Policy

There are many types of auto insurance coverage available to cover you for damages suffered from an auto accident. In Florida, the two coverages that are required are property damage liability coverage and personal injury protection insurance.

Property damage liability coverage is designed to pay for damages you cause to someone else’s property, like their mailbox or their bumper, in an accident. Personal injury protection insurance is designed to cover your medical bills whether you are in a car you own, someone else’s car or even a passenger in a commercial vehicle that is in an accident. The coverage follows you around and is designed to pay your medical bills generally on an 80% basis. It can cover other expenses you incur as well.

One of the greatest misnomers in the rules of insurance in Florida is that the law establishing financial responsibility and auto coverage refers to these two components of coverage – personal injury protection and property damage liability – as being full coverage. Well, they are not full coverage at all. There are many additional coverages that you should consider. Some are more expensive than others.

One important coverage to consider is bodily injury liability coverage. While not required to drive in Florida, it is highly recommended. If you don’t have it and if you cause an accident, if a claim is made against you and you are unable to pay it, the adverse driver can go to the state and request that your driver license be suspended until you conform with the financial responsibility of the accident. Not a lot of people understand this potential risk. They often just buy what they are told is full coverage when, as I referenced above, it’s not full coverage at all.

Another coverage to seriously consider is uninsured motorist protection benefits. This is for the occasion when you have an accident, it is not your fault, and the adverse driver doesn’t have any bodily injury liability coverage or doesn’t have enough bodily injury coverage for the damages you have sustained. In this circumstance, you can make a claim against your own policy through this specific coverage, and if you can prove the damages you have sustained, receive compensation. Uninsured motorist protection benefits are reportedly some of the more expensive types of coverage you can buy, but it often times is worth that expense to cover yourself.

Another kind of coverage to consider is medical payments coverage. This is designed to supplement payment for medical bills that you incur when you’re in an accident, regardless of whether it’s your fault or not, and essentially it covers what your personal injury protection benefits do not. Interestingly and sometimes for our clients, unexpectedly, when medical payments are made by an insurance company, if our clients later make a recovery against a responsible party for their damages, their insurance company can ask for reimbursement for the amounts they paid for those medical payments. Our clients are very surprised when this occurs, but it is a built-in protection for the insurance company and the insurance code allows it. Medical payments coverage is nonetheless something for you to consider, because it does allow you to have medical care covered at 100 percent after your accident when the medical payments coverage is combined with the personal injury protection coverage.

Talk To Your Agent

There are other coverages to consider that address property damage and personal injuries, but understand that it is often times best to have a direct conversation with the person you are buying the insurance product from, so you understand exactly what you’re getting. While sometimes you can save money going online and submitting your questions in that forum, it is often best to get someone on the line or have an agent directly involved so you can get all of your questions answered.

Remember that the experiences and details listed here might not be a good representation of what you actually get when you request a quote. Everyone’s experience will vary, so don’t neglect to get multiple quotes to help ensure you get the best coverage and rates available for your specific needs. The team at Brock Law urges all consumers to study and understand their car insurance, because it can sometimes make all the difference between receiving full and fair compensation or being left with the inability to pay for all your bills from an accident you did not even cause.

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