Mobile Phone Apps That May Help Prevent Auto Accidents

There are lots of ways people can reduce the chances of being involved in an auto accident. Things like following the recommended maintenance schedule and replacing worn tires will help, but what about navigation apps or GPS services?

Drivers today have access to many reliable mobile apps that provide directions to destinations and predict the travel time as well.  A newer innovation in these apps is that they can now identify traffic patterns and accidents.  This can help drivers avoid congested and other high-risk areas where auto accidents are more likely to happen.

Below, is a brief list of some of the most popular mobile navigation apps currently available.

MotionX GPS

As one of the earliest navigation apps to enter the market, MotionX GPS has thousands of users all over the country who benefit from using the app. It provides maps and route-planning information that helps drivers get from A to B without getting lost or making any wrong turns. Motorists can view their position on the road as well as images of the street ahead. That should help to reduce crashes and ensure nobody has to brake suddenly for a hidden sharp turn. With a bit of luck, if more drivers start to use MotionX GPS, our country won’t have to deal with as many auto accident insurance claims during the next few years. However, if you don’t like the look of that app, there are plenty more from which you can choose.

TomTom Go Mobile

The latest app from TomTom Go Mobile works in much the same way as MotionX GPS. The only real differences relate to global maps and traffic information. People who want to remain as safe as possible on the roads should always check the traffic situation before they leave home. That is the best way to ensure you plan the best route and never face any unnecessary risks. Some of the country’s leading auto accident insurance companies claim that hundreds of crashes happen every year when drivers commute in heavy traffic. Still, TomTom is a reliable brand, and the company makes apps that never fail to impress.

Google Maps

If you’re one of those people who likes to keep things as simple as possible; you probably want to think about downloading the Google Maps application to your smartphone. It’s straightforward to use, and you have many different options when it comes to determining the best route for your commute. For instance, you can ask Google Maps to avoid roads with a lot of traffic. The application will also let you know about any roadworks and diversions to ensure you don’t waste any time during your journey. If you don’t want to download the Maps app you can just use the regular Google app on your smartphone. Just type “take me to…” and Google will show you how to get there.


Waze is slightly different than all the other navigation apps mentioned here. While it’s possible to use Waze to plan routes and get from A to B, the unique feature of this application is its real-time traffic tips. All users of the app can input information that lets other road users know about traffic levels and accidents as they happen. Many auto accident insurance companies recommend this app to their clients because it helps them to avoid troublesome areas and keep away from the commotion.

Navigon USA

In addition to route planning for motorists on the road, Navigon USA also provides travel information for people walking or using a bike. It’s one of the most expensive apps on this list, and so most motorists would benefit from selecting an alternative. However, if you want an application that does everything you could want and more, Navigon is a solution on the market. Unfortunately, the application does not provide traffic information, and so you might have to use it alongside something like Waze for the best results. Still, the app offers weather information, and that will come in handy if you endure a lengthy commute.

Now that you know about some of the newer mobile phone navigation apps, we suggest you check them (and others) out and see if you might benefit from one of them.  If you aren’t sure how to choose a mobile navigation app, visit either the Apple App Store or the Google Pay Store and read product descriptions and user reviews.  User reviews can be useful for products like mobile apps.

Some auto insurance companies now provide mobile app-like services as well.  Progressive insurance offers ‘Snap Shot’ which is a small device that connects to your car’s computer.  The device collects driving data that can be used to reduce the cost of insurance.

Verizon’s ‘Hum’ device allows parents to track younger drivers and provides geo-fencing and real-time speed alerts.

It goes without saying that technology is being developed to help monitor and manage drivers in a way that reduces risk for accidents and accident related injury.  But if you find yourself in an auto accident, you need the help of an experienced auto accident attorney.  Managing an injury on your own can be daunting and a car accident lawyer can help make sure you receive the treatment you need and when appropriate, the compensation you deserve.

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