Using Attorney Referral Services to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

To understand the issues with attorney referral services, you first need to understand what a service like this is. You might have seen advertisements for attorney referral services. These ads can be quite impressive, often including songs or any other form of promotional material designed to get you to call the number. You might see them on billboards or even TV advertisements.

Usually, these ads are also filled with tantalizing promises about lawyers who will be able to win you and your family thousands in compensation. But how true are these claims and can the referral service that you might be tempted to use be trusted?

Attorney Referral Services Are Targeting Marketing

The ads we’re talking about here are designed to catch you off guard. They want you to call the number or get in touch right after you have been involved in an accident. They are eager to make sure that you don’t think too much about the situation and instead immediately start looking into options for compensation. This is the first issue with these type of services. They’re not looking to help you, but rather to profit from your bad fortune.

How Do Lawyer Referral Services In Florida Choose Your Attorney?

The promotions and ads linked to referral services could easily leave you with the thought that the lawyers you’re going to be referred to are the best in the industry. Or, that it is a great honor perhaps for a law firm to be connected to one of these numbers. That might be the case for some referral services, but unfortunately, it’s very difficult to tell who is behind the referral.

For instance, one infamous lawyer referral service is run by a chiropractor, not a lawyer. In other cases, the lawyers connected to the referral service are required to pay a fee per month for referrals. At this point, you should be asking yourself whether the best attorneys would need this type of advertisement. The answer is most likely no. The best lawyers won’t need to use an attorney referral service in Florida at all. Instead, they should be able to rely on their excellent track record and reputation to gain clients.

While it is possible that you could be directed towards a skilled and successful attorney, there’s no guarantee when using lawyer referral services. You could get the best or the worst. Indeed, the person that you are referred to may have been fresh out of school, a part-time student or someone with no knowledge of personal injury claims.

As such, using a lawyer referral service can generate the same effect as picking the first link you see in the SERPs when looking for the keyword ‘personal injury.’ Actually, a quick keyword search like this might be more beneficial because it would point you towards lawyers successful enough to a) have their own website and b) pay the costs of SEO marketing.

Who Chooses The Attorney You Are Referred To When You Use Lawyer Referral Services?

Most lawyer referral services used call handling companies and these can be outsourced. So, the people taking your call may not be in your state or even in your company and will most likely not have any knowledge of the law. Instead, they will refer you to whoever is on their list that has paid the fee for the referral. This is a problem because it means you are putting the future of a case that could impact your life and your family's life in someone’s hands who has no interest or desire to get you the best results.

Lawyer Referral Services In Florida Are Marketing Services

This is the best way to think of a referral service. It is essentially one of the ways that some lawyers choose to market their service or their practice. It would be unfair to call it a scam as you are getting a service for your money and you will be put in touch with someone who may be able to help. But as a consumer and a seeker of legal assistance, you are still at a disadvantage.

Personal injury cases can be tricky, and you need to get the best legal representation to win the compensation you deserve. This is why you should complete a thorough search, making sure you find a firm that you can rely on and trust. It can be tempting to cut out this process and let a company complete the search for you. But in cases like this, the future of your claim should be in your hands rather than an individual who is being paid to pass you onto someone, regardless of their skill set or level of experience.

We hope this helps you understand some of the issues with attorney referral services.

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P. Hutchison Brock, II
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