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Brock Law is Your Civil Litigation Attorney

Brock Law’s attorneys and staff have worked in the civil litigation field for over two decades. If your claim involves a direct contract matter, a breach of a warranty claim or a breach of some other promise made to you that has significant economic damages, call us today and let us help you collect.

Brock Law is equipped to analyze a claim and supply you with the information concerning your rights and the funds that you could possibly pursue, and offers the financial backing necessary to fight the battle on your behalf.

Hutch Brock has handled claims involving breach of contract, civil litigation for the loss of business profits, losses from fire, injunctive relief between business partners, bad debt collection, and illegal contact or collection practices. Call today for a free consultation.

Civil Litigation Attorney in Wesley Chapel

Most business contracts contain a prevailing party attorney fee award provision. This means if you are successful on a claim involving that contract, you can also secure attorneys fees you incur in that pursuit. If you have a business dispute involving a contract, let Brock review your claim at no cost. We are here to help. Brock Law is your civil litigation attorney.

If you run a business, you know that disputes can arise on any day, at any time from multiple sources. Common business disputes occur over contracts, between partners, or any number of other facets of your business. Brock Law is your Business Dispute Attorney.

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