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Potential Pitfalls of a Non-Compete Agreement

Non-compete contracts are popular in Florida and across the USA. The Wall Street Journal has suggested a 60% rise in lawsuits filed against those breaking non-competes, so it’s clear that the issue is rising fast. Used correctly it gives the employer exclusive access to their staff’s expertise. However, used incorrectly, and it can strangle the staff and put unreasonable demands upon them. Looking at things from an employee’s perspective, it narrows their job mobility but it does have its rewards.

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Considerations When Bringing On A New Business Partner

Business partnerships are modes of scaling the business in volume transactions and ensuring further capital investment for the enterprise. Bringing in a new partner gives a business varied decision-making perspectives, liability distribution and investment angles that are not workable with a sole proprietor setting. In Florida, partnerships in business have to be considered with the workable and operational mediums of the business to ensure clarity in roles and duties.

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