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8 Florida Car Accident Facts That Will Shock You

Hutch Brock Auto Accident Attorney
Hurricane season is on its way, and it will soon be time to start batting down the hatches. If you’ve been a Florida resident for a long time, you’re used to the challenges of the season. However, if you’re new to the state or perhaps you’ve just left home, you might not feel quite so confident. One of the things that everyone needs to remember, no matter how long they have lived in Florida, is to have a homeowner’s insurance checkup. Read More

What to do if you are in a car accident

Brock Law Auto Accident Attorney
Auto accidents can turn your life upside down. If they don’t cause you injury they can still result in money troubles. If you are hurt, that can lead to financial issues too, such as being unable to work. Taking steps to prevent getting into an accident is essential if you want to avoid them. Being a careful and safe driver is one of the things you need to do, but there are more steps you can take to reduce the risk. Read More