brain injuryA traumatic brain injury seminar put on by the American Association for Justice in New Orleans, Louisiana, focused on various types of brain injuries and in particular, those caused by the negligence of others be it in an auto accident, a slip and fall, or even as a football player in the NFL. Doctors who were experts in traumatic brain injuries, judges who handled negligence cases with brain injuries and attorneys who handled numerous traumatic brain injury cases agree that traumatic brain injuries are very serious in nature. Cases involving traumatic brain injuries take additional work both on the part of the physicians and attorneys. An attorney must be prepared to deal with nuances such as which radiographic studies to use, what type of expert to contact, and how to assess the injury’s impact on a plaintiff’s ability to work in the future.

​Two of the physician presenters focused on developments in detecting traumatic brain injuries through new radiographic imaging. Historically, a brain injury could go undetected through a standard CT scan and many cases falter because of a lack of an objective finding of injury. Now, however, experts have developed other technologies that not only take pictures of the brain but detect the changes in water flow within the brain or differences within tissues. Unfortunately, even the newest of technologies cannot date a brain injury.

​Interestingly, many of the attorneys highlighted how traumatic brain injuries affect not only the plaintiff but the plaintiff’s family and friends. Family members often note that their injured relative is no longer the same person – they are less independent, less outgoing, and less hopeful. As a result, traumatic brain injury cases require a sensitive and dedicated approach by the handling attorney.

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