Highway Construction in Wesley ChapelIt can be complicated, but usually the result is worth it. With progress in road construction, which if you live in the Bay Area you are intimately familiar with, we seem to have to put up with the inconvenience for a long time, but it too can really be worth it. There are, however, standards that must be followed, and those in charge of the work must make sure we, the drivers, are safe.

The morning of March 21 between State Road 54 and 56 there was an accident between a semi-tractor trailer, a dump truck and a traffic attenuator – known to you and me as those temporary dividers that are often moved around to divert traffic during the construction process. Traffic and lives were disrupted for miles and for hours, and while accidents are a part of a daily commute, sometimes the progress results in poor lane markings, inconspicuous lane changes and barriers and uneven unmarked paved or unpaved services. This most frequently happens in the transition between the nightly work and the morning commute.

At Brock Law we have been involved in highway construction and road site repair cases for over 15 years. Spanning from issues of inappropriate warning devices that can injure workers on the scene all the way to the other end where lanes are not marked during interim construction practices, including inappropriate placement of cones, barriers, the concrete dividers and other devices. These cases often involve very significant tragedies and the loss of or a serious injury to a loved one. There are rules that govern every step of the process, imposed both by government entities that will pay for the construction and through the contractor’s rules and requirements as well.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a collision or auto accident that is related to or was in any way caused in part by construction practices of a road project, we have the unique background and experience to help you in these cases.